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Is the extrusion process in which the friable material under high pressure comes to be compacted in hard granules. For wood pelleting optimal humidity is 12%, and raw material should be evenly minced in pieces no bigger than 5mm. Hot pellets must be cooled to solidify and not take the humidity. Pelletizing plant include hammer mill, dryer, pellet mill, cooler, packing. For technological flexibility of line component, between them is necessary to put silos. Raw material silo, silo for material prepared for pelletizing. Hopper for a finished product. In vertical silos the material is compacted by them self, loosening take too much power, maintenance is difficult. For horizontal container silo with a moving floor that is not the problem.

P-System NORD Pellets P{ress Line

Basic problems of all pellet mills.


P-Syatem patent pending solutions.

Pressure required to pelletizing destroy the same pellet mills:

Reaching the critical ignition pressure material take fire; reaching the critical pressure for the mechanical strength deform axis and bearings and consume the die and rollers; to avoid emergency situations must working with reduced productivity.



Pelletizing pressure is controlled, pellet mill can work with maximum productivity. Die and rolls of pellet mill serves at least twice longer, it saved up to 30% of electroenergy consumption.

Humidity of material in output of the dryer:

Particles in the sawdust dryer comes in different sises and unknown proportions, they mast be sorted; if the material moisture is a variable is difficult to choose the optimal operating temperature; the amount of heat that is produced in the burner of swdust dryer is unstable, depended on the fuel quality, origin and moisture. High drying temperatures causes the gasification of biomass. Sudden changes of material humidity into sawdust dryer, bay thermal inertia, may arise fire or arrive vet material into pellet mill, in both case it mean emergence stop.



The sawdust drying temperature is low to avoid the gasification process.The drying process is coupled with the shredding, materials cams homogeneous. Patented technology prevents effect of thermal inertia and dryer outlet humidity is stable, sawdust dryer itself is fire safe.


These problems caused lot of emergency breaks; frequent necessity to change spare parts; sometimes fires it reduce profit of the whole process especially in the case of small plants.




Practically there is no emergency breaks, mechanical parts wear depends only on the raw material abrasives. Pellet line works completely automatically, working without overloading saves electricity become profitable in case of low production capacity.



New generation of hydraulic pellet mills.

P-System patented hydraulic pelletizing pressure control, which allows you to manage the process very efficiently and get lot of benefits.

Dynamic control of extrusion pressure.

Pressure between the roller and the die of pellet mill is controlled and never can bee more than optimal, it avoids the overload and the premature wear of mechanical parts, sawe electrical power.

Low wear of roller shells, dies and bearings.

Rollers, bearings and the dies serves at least twice, because controll off operating pressure avoids the mechanical overload of pellet mill.

Save energy.

Saves energy up to 30%, by avoids of the mechanical overloads of pellet mill.

Dryer with high reliability , without thermal inertia.

Sawdust dryer works on low temperature (120-150 degrees) to avoid the gasification process and the self-ignition. A special patented technology allows to maintain a stable dryer outlet humidity, even the significant changes of raw material moisture. Even very fine material may be dried safely. In the outlet the material is already raffined and ready for imediate pelletizing.

High adaptability to diferent raw materials.

Pellet mill is equipped with a special control device that controls material loading, the working pressure and temperature, the system adapts to the material characteristics and allows to work without changing of die.

Return quickly your investment.

Production without the emergency breaks and without excessive consumption of meccanical parts, allowed 90% of our customers recover their investment in one year, in case of sufficient quantity of raw material.

Complete pellet plant is designed, manufactured and guaranteed by P-System.

P-System produce silos, crushers, dryers, heaters and pellet press, the customer gets everything from one suplayer, and warranty gives the only one manufacturer.