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ROT-Power burners designed to work with pellets with high ash content burner operation is automatic and no requires human presence. the rotation of the combustion chamber of the burner eliminates adhesion of the slag, the slag tumble in the rotating chamber of the burner and falls in the boiler. Absence of adhesion decreases the wear of the burner and increases its life. The secondary air is blown into the combustion chamber on the whole length creating vortex, then is mixed with the primary air vortex, two vortices opposing air improves combustion and burn completely.
The burner is designed to install on solid fuel boilers for central heating, even on some models of gas or oil boilers with the combustion chamber, which allows to accumulate slag and ash. The burner has a low power consumption. Its equipped with a control unit, which performs the ignition and control of the combustion process, optimizes the fuel supply control with continuous power modulation, to maintain a temperature specified by 'user. This device can drive circulation pumps and valves to keep the temperature of the water, the boiler and the air in the building. The burner is equipped with a protection against overheating and the extinction, and resumed after a loss of the external voltage. Upon request, you can increase the level of control of the combustion quality, and connect remotely via the Internet and GSM.